wood amns nice midis

nicehtml premade templates

heres some nice midis ive collected.

some of them were broken when i downloaded them. not nice. i fixed the ones that are broken. nice.

use my nice soundfont to make these midis sound as nice as possiblea

nicehtml premade templates

you aint never had a friend like me by the movie aladdin.
all that she wants by ace of bases
teenage wasteland by the whom. nice song.
batman theme. nice.
blury by pudle of mud
careless whisper by georg michal. lol he has two first names what an idiot.
theme song of dracula
dragula by rob zomby. nice.
easy lover by phil colins
enter sandman by metallica. niiice.
theme song from full house. nice.
eternal wind from gundam formula 91 racing lol thats 90 more than f1 that owns.
fight fire with fire by metallica. nice ass song.
flame stags theme from mega man x2. i hate fire. not nice.
amazing grace. nice.
full house theme song
funky town by lips inc
ghostbuster by ray parker jr
rhythm emotion from gundam wing. one of the nicest songs on here.
he wiant heavy hes my brother by the hollys. nice.
tijuana taxi by herb albert
prison sex by tool. nice.
hunger strike by temple of the dog
rusty cage by soundgarden. real nice.
inspector gadget theme song
open your heart from sonic adventure.
jeremy by pearl jam
kiss from a rose by seal
uknown from me from sonic adventure
live and learn from sonic adnveture 2
trappsed under ice by metallica
one b metallica
dvorak new world symjphony. more like new wood symphony. nice.
smells like teen spirit by nirvaan
heart shaped box by nirvania
the man who sold the world by nrivana
song from the orgon trail
love rollercoaster by ohio players. its the one thats playign right now. very nice.
sailr moon theme. nice.
star wars theme by jon william
star treck theme while im at it. nice.
hunger strike by temple of the dog
kurt angles thesis from neon gensis evanjeleon. nice.
venus fire from thunder force 3. this ias easily the best thing ever made since my theme song. nice.
legendayr wings from thunder force 5. not very nice tbh.
thunder kiss 65 by white zombie. wanna try me lol
valerie by steve windwood
weiners forever from victory gundam. nice.
the first midi i ever made. its baker street. nice.
stage select for mega man x. almost as good as my theme song.
xmen theme song. banger nice.
metal harbor theme from sonic adventure 2.
hot for teacher. got it baaaad lol nice.
angel attack from evangelion. nice.
anything for love by meatlofe
believe in the starry sky from zeta gundam. really nice midi.
blind by korn. arrre youuuu reaaaadyyyy nice
stepe by step theme song
cinammon girl by neil yung
lets go away from daytona usa. nice
got to be real by cheryl lynn
sober by tool.
i am all of me from shadow the hedgehog.
dbz theme song u know what it is bud nice
eternal flame the bangles. flame is bad. not nice.
even flow by pwearl jam
fm by stealy dan. smooth.
whats up by for non blonds. not nice. one of the worst songs ever made.
everybody hurts sometimes by rem.
i believe i can fly by r kelly. the less nice song from space jam.
im the one by van halen. one of the nicest songs of all time.
son no chi no sodomy from jojos bizarer adventure. eh.
breakin the law by judas priest. nice song.
kakyoins theme from jojos the game
mad machine from bubble gum crisis
mmmmmmmmmm by crash test dummies. more like regular dummies lol this song sucks.
money for nothing by dire straights
night of fire by niko
the way it is by 2pac rip.
power of love by huey louis and the news from back to teh future.
snow horatio from love love
long john sally by litle richard from predator. nice.
grabbag. from. duke nuke. em. 3d. damn
ride like the wind by christopher cross
wrestler iron shieks theme song. nice.
slipknot. nice.
all the small things by blink 182
smooth by santana the grammy winner or whatever. p nice.
sussudio by phil collin
the sign by ace of bases
this love by maron 5
the lick. nice.
joj theme from jojos adventure
amazing grace. so nice u get to hear it twice.
loss from benoblade chronicles b
patch plane from kirby planet robot
boss theme for moonman in sonic. why is he there. idk but a nice theme none the less
tango for starters by fiona apple i think iunno
i play pokemon go every day by misha. nice.
basketball version of my theme song. nice.
the flintstones theme 8 bit nintendo version. nice like barnys wife.
mommys theme from the anime pile of mucka magic
snake mans theme from mega man 3. almost as nice as my theme song.
dont ask me why by billie joe. lol he sucked before he joined green day. not nice.
dungeon theme from zelda 1
she loves you by the beatles. nice.
chocobo theme from final fantasy
nakoruru from samurai showdown. nice.
senryo kyoshiro from samirai showdown.
early version of my theme song. nice but needs polish.
my theme song. the one you all know and love. nice.
alive by pearl jam. super nice.
shake that ass for me baby remix. nice.
zombie wolf. p nice.
last but not least. my theme song again but better. nice.

use my nice soundfont to make these midis sound as nice as possible.


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