sailor moon rant and sailor mercury shrine

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imma talk about how cool sailor mercury is and how much of a dumb skank sailor moon is here in no particulr order


stats u need on sailor mercury

sailor mercury is the nicest of the sailor moons. shes also named after mercury which is what the t1000 is made of i think.

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t1000 isnt nice like sailor mercury tho because he was the main guy in all the later x files episodes that sucked so imagine that animation but at the end it turns into sailor mercury. nice.

stats u need on sailor moon

sailor moon is a selfish bitch lol. she doesnt ever do anything but whine when its time to do cool action. if someone came to school with a gun serena would shove you into them so she could get away. ami on the other hand would transform and protect you from the bullets. speaking of transforming

what is up with this transforming

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why are they always naked when they transform? what if they dont want people to see them naked then do they just not get to fight evil or something? not nice. when ami transforms i always look away because she didnt say i could look at her naked. nice.

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